Our Story

Father-son duo, Bill and Dustin, have always had a passion for people — specifically, the elderly. More than 30 years ago, Bill and his family migrated to Southern California from near the Andover Hills of South Dakota where Dustin, his great-grandfather, grandfather and father Bill all hail from. In the early 2000s, Dustin’s grandfather (Bill’s father) came to live with them In Southern California from South Dakota at the age of 92. Having Dustin’s grandfather in the home, loving him so closely on a daily basis, helping him dress, preparing food and listening to all the stories from his life, planted a seed of someday opening a Board and Care where they could do the same for others. Twenty years later, Andover Hills was born. 

Bill has a background in architecture and project development. After working in corporate America for over 15 years and raising his three children with his wife Gail, he left the corporate world to open his own business for the next 10 years until he retired. Bill then searched for something to fill his days. His passion for people and love for business, along with the memory of his late father, finally sparked the reality of opening a Board and Care.

After graduating from college, Dustin also worked in corporate America for seven years. He always dreamed of living in a foreign country and learning another language, so he packed up and moved to Santiago, Chile where he lived for six years. Dustin’s love for the elderly and passion for people grew stronger while experiencing Chilean culture. This love brought him back home to Southern California to start Andover Hills with his father.